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Hawaii Wildfires Update

Hawaii Wildfires Update

By now, you undoubtedly have heard the tragic news about the destructive wildfires on the island of Maui.  News and social media outlets are widely reporting the scale and scope of the devastation.  Reportedly, historic Lahaina Town is all but burnt to the ground.  Homes have been decimated; businesses destroyed; and worst of all, lives have been lost.  The scenes have been described as apocalyptic. 

The Hawaii Tourism Authority has asked all non-essential visitors to leave Maui, and it is asking future, non-essential travelers to Maui to strongly reconsider traveling to the island.  Massive emergency and rescue efforts are underway.  Many have been unable to find and contact friends and family since the wildfires have severely compromised communication infrastructure.  Supplies are being flown in from Oahu and other islands to support the recovery efforts.

Maui is a place that is so special to so many of us.  Many of us here in Hawaii have friends and family who live there.  And, as you know, we have often held our captive conferences there.  Now, Maui and its people need our support. 

On behalf of the Hawaii Captive Insurance Council, and if you are able, we humbly ask for your help by making a donation to one of the following:

Hawaii Community Foundation:


Via (donations can be split among multiple organizations including The Salvation Army, Maui Foodbank and the Maui Humane Society)

Please join us in keeping our Maui ‘ohana in your prayers and thoughts during this most difficult time.