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About HCIC

The Hawaii Captive Insurance Council (HCIC), a nonprofit corporation since 1991, is committed to promoting, developing, and maintaining a quality captive insurance industry in the State of Hawaii. In partnership with the State of Hawaii Insurance Division, the HCIC provides information and education on issues affecting captives, and assists the State of Hawaii in promoting Hawaii as a quality captive domicile on the local, national and international level.

Our Mission

Guided by the Aloha spirit, the HCIC unifies and supports captive owners, regulators, legislators and captive service providers. The HCIC advocates on issues and initiatives, educates on current and future issues and communicates this information to its members and prospective members to maintain Hawaii as a world-class captive domicile.

Our Vision

The Hawaii Captive Insurance Council supports Hawaii as a world-class captive domicile. We provide meaningful benefits to our members. Through our efforts, Hawaii is a leading captive domicile of the highest quality, known for its reliable regulatory approach and captive-business friendly environment. Our membership is actively involved and engaged in HCIC’s activities – where business and government work hand-in-hand towards a common goal with unity, shared involvement and responsibility, while surrounded by the natural beauty of Hawaii.

Our Events

The HCIC organizes educational events, including its biennial Hawaii Captive Insurance Forum, a three day event held in Hawaii. Periodic one-day seminars are held in Hawaii, throughout the western United States, and Japan. The HCIC, along with the State of Hawaii, also participate as exhibitors at RIMs and other annual conferences.

Our Members

Membership in the HCIC is open to all captive insurance companies licensed in the State of Hawaii, and to all individuals and entities with a bona fide interest in positively promoting, developing, and maintaining the captive industry in Hawaii.

HCIC members include Hawaii captive owners, and entities providing services to Hawaii captives, such as captive managers, insurance and reinsurance brokers, banks, accounting firms, investment managers, law firms, actuaries, risk consultants, insurance and reinsurance companies, and claims administrators.

Our Publications

Find out the latest news and happenings of the HCIC via ourquarterly newsletter, or view other industry related press releases.

HCIC Corporate Governance

All of our directors, officers, and committees are volunteers from our membership. Through the dedication of our Board, officers, and committee members, the HCIC is instrumental in maintaining a quality captive industry in Hawaii.

How to Become More Involved

  • Suggest a seminar topic
  • Volunteer as a speaker
  • Volunteer for a committee