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Membership Information & Benefits

HCIC provides the means to communicate and meet with others in the captive industry. Specifically, the HCIC works closely with Hawaii’s Insurance Division and can act as a voice to address members concerns or questions.  At various functions and seminars you will have the opportunity to network with other captive owners, service providers and regulators.

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Membership Benefits

The HCIC proudly announces the establishment of its Member Benefit Program! Under this unique program, HCIC members will be entitled to receive, among other things, discounts on HCIC-sponsored seminars and our annual forum.

Benefits of membership in HCIC include, but are not limited to:

  • Volunteering
    Opportunity to be actively involved in the captive industry through HCIC as a board member, officer, committee chairperson, or committee member.  The more you invest the greater the return.
  • Legislative Affairs
    Opportunity to participate in HCIC’s recommendations to the State Legislature and other regulatory bodies
  • Discounts
    Participate in the HCIC Aloha Member Benefit Program which entitles you to receive, among other things, discounts on HCIC sponsored seminars, along with reduced rates on many fine hotels throughout our beautiful Hawaiian Islands.
  • Education
    Attendees of biennial conference and educational and informative seminars are most often eligible to receive continuing education credits.
  • Affiliation
    Opportunity to participate at the State of Hawaii/HCIC Risk and Insurance and Management Society booth.
  • Speaking Opportunities
    Create and participate in educational workshops as a coordinator or speaker.
  • HCIC News
    Stay up to date on captive issues and member activities through the newsletter.
  • Marketing
    Sponsorships are available for HCIC’s biennial conference and golf tournament, and numerous other seminars held in Hawaii and mainland U.S.
  • Captive Directory
    Organization/Name listing for Service Provider Members on the HCIC website.

Membership Categories

A “Member” shall be defined as an entity, or individual, that has registered for membership and is in good standing.  Each member shall appoint one representative who shall be a Director, Officer, Employee or duly authorized representative of the member.

Categories of membership in HCIC include, but are not limited to:

  • Captive Owner Member
    Any licensed captive insurer formed under Hawaii Revised Statutes 431:19 and its parent or sponsor.  Captive Owner members can sit on the Board or Executive Committee, head committees and have voting privileges.
  • Service Provider Member
    Any person or firm providing products or services to captive insurance companies.  Service Provider members can sit on the Board or Executive Committee, head committees and have voting privileges.
  • Honorary Member
    Any person elected by majority vote of the Board of Directors.  Honorary members can head committees but cannot sit on the Board or Executive Committee and have no voting privileges.
Membership Categories Dues
Captive Owner Member $350
Service Provider Member $900
10% of your net dues are not deductible in accordance with IRC Section 6033, regarding Lobbying Expenditures.
Honorary Member No Charge

Membership Requirements

The criteria to join or maintain membership in HCIC include, but are not limited to:

  • A bona fide interest consistent with the positive maintenance, development, and promotion of the captive insurance industry in the State of Hawaii.
  • Memberships are for the calendar year.  Dues are not prorated or refunded.
  • Termination of membership is at the discretion of two-thirds votes of the Board of Directors.

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